Heraldic Achievment

My coat of arms is seen above. In this page I go into more detail on what each part means and its design history. These particular drawings are made by Sophie.

The arms

Of the crest, a demi-lamb rampant proper haloed Or, issuant from flames of the second. Of the motto, "ex īgnī aureō."

Starting with the outer areas of interest: the red and yellow pluming is reflective of a common battle banner of the Kingdom of Northumbria. My family has a strong historical connection to the north of England where I still live, and so this represents my geographical connection there. On the crest is a lamb with a halo, surrounded by fire and rising out from the ground. This has a spiritual implication, and represents the divinity of the soul and the desire within me and all others to live life in stewardship of the world and those who live in it.

The shield

On a paly Or six Gules and Or, three ermine spots counterchanged, on a chief Vert three goblets of the second.

On the shield itself is a green field with three yellow goblets at the top. These are part of the historic arms of the O'Cobhthaigh house of southern Ireland, from which my patrilineal line draws. This is the only part of the design which represents a historical familial arms. Below again is the banner of Northumbria, with three ermine spots. The ermine spots are another theme common in northern heraldry.

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