Heraldic Achievment

My coat of arms is seen above. It is not registered with any authority nor am I of any right to claim arms; this was done as a bit of fun! In this page I go into more detail on what each part means and its design history. These particular drawings are made by Sophie.

The arms

Of the crest, a demi-lamb rampant proper haloed Or, issuant from flames of the second. Of the motto, "ex īgnī aureō."

The red and yellow plumage is representative of the banner of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, comprising of the etymologically-sound land north of the River Humber. This is symbolic of my family's long history in the north of England. The lamb with a halo rising out of flames is a common religious and spiritual motif in the Anglican church. It symbolises my personal spiritual beliefs, and as well is a symbol of hope for the future that seems often bleak.

The shield

On a paly Or six Gules and Or, three ermine spots counterchanged, on a chief Vert three goblets of the second.

The three goblets on a green background are on the coat of arms of the O'Cobhthaigh family of southern Ireland. This is the noble house of my patrilineal line, tracing back to the 19th Century migration of my father's side of the family from Ireland to the UK. The red and yellow pattern is, like the plumage, a reference to the kingdom of Northumbria. The ermine spots have no real meaning or symbolism, but are there because I think they looked nice.

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